A 1-year-old girl became the victim when an altercation happened between her father and a Metro Transit Police Officer Wednesday.

Youtube video shows Leon Borum riding the esclator at the Congress Heights Metro Station, holding his daughter. The situation quickly escalates when everyone exits the station, and Borum makes a run for it.

Officer Cecil Hill chases Borum and grabs him. The entire time, Borum has his infant daughter in his arms.

Charging documents paint a clearer picture of what led to the arrest. Documents state that Borum tried to evade fare by going through the emergency exit, then proceeded to give police a false name and birth date.

They go on to say Borum was told four times to exit the station. Documents also state that Borum told the officer, "Come outside and fight me".

"He's at fault, but two faults don't make a right," said Judy Gule, Borum's neighbor.

According to court documents obtained by WUSA9, Borum has been accused in the past of resisting arrest.

In fact, he was taking the metro that day to head to court for a domestic violence case. Neighbors say the little girl should be okay, but they won't soon forget the disturbing video.

The court has ordered Borum to stay away from the Congress Heights Metro Station. He has been charged with assault, disorderly conduct, theft and unlawful entry.


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