MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — A Montgomery County jury found a Silver Spring man guilty of murder Tuesday for his role in a violent drug deal.

Kairee Dorsey had been accused of shooting Andrew Turner, 18, of Germantown, in December 2017. 

Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy said Dorsey and another man went to Turner's house to buy marijuana. However, McCarthy said Dorsey original intention was to kill Turner and steal all of his drugs.

"This is another example of a drug deal regarding marijuana gone bad," he said.

McCarthy said Turner's murder fits into a disturbing pattern that his office has observed across Montgomery County.

"In the last several years, not five or seven, we could not think of a homicide related to the distribution of drugs where the drug distributed was not marijuana," he said.

McCarthy did not say he was against the state's policies on medicinal marijuana. However, he said the existence of legal dispensaries in the state have yet to curb violence related to the drug.

"The problem with the marijuana being dispensed so far is that one - it is expensive," he said. "And, two - it's not very good. And, as a result the black market for marijuana is still flourishing and it is increasingly, at least in our community, becoming violent."