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Yes, it's hot. But how hot are surfaces in the District?

With temperatures rising, WUSA9 measured different surfaces in the city, comparing their temperatures to a hot cup of coffee.

WASHINGTON — It's pretty hot outside. And with temperatures increasing, surfaces of different objects in the District are warming up as well. WUSA9 used a heat gun to measure just how hot benches, park slides, sidewalks and other commonly-used items actually are. 

WUSA9 compared the temperature of a hot cup of coffee to other objects. The coffee measured in at 147°. 

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Next, WUSA9 measured a plastic playground bench, coming in at 158°.

A metal playground bench came in at 123°.

A metal slide measured in at 122°.

A wooden bench, but in the shade, was 93°.

But a wooden bench in the direct sunlight was 154°.

Additionally, a sidewalk in the shade measured in at 90°.

But the sidewalk in the direct sun was 123°.

A parking meter in the direct sunlight measured 117°.

And an outdoor dining table in the sunlight? That measured in at 132°.

A car door handle rang in at 113°, and a car dashboard measured 133°.

WUSA9 also measured a car engine after it'd been running for 30 minutes, which measured in at 117°

So yes, it's pretty hot outside, and so are other items we use daily.

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