WASHINGTON -- Safr, a new women-only ride-sharing service, focused on keeping women safe is coming to D.C. this autumn.

Come fall, the service, which will be available in cities including D.C., Boston, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco will aim to provide safe transportation for women. As of right now, Safr has only launched in Boston.

According to a release from the company, Safr was created "in light of the recent sexual assault allegations on drivers of other ride-sharing companies."

Safr states that drivers working for the company are personally vetted and will have to go through comprehensive background checks in both criminal and motor vehicle history.

Riders can also expect an in-ride security features that will ensure that they get to their final destination safely. If there are issues, immediate help is sent out.

The company plans to pay drivers more than the industry standard so there is an incentive to provide top service.

Safr will also offer the following:

▪ Riders and drivers are permitted to pre-select the gender of their driver/passenger though their app profile.

▪ Color Matching - Drivers and passengers are assigned a color for each ride, colors must be verified by the driver and passenger to ensure the driver is picking up the correct passenger.

▪ Command Center – Rides are tracked to ensure they do not deviate significantly from the appropriate route.

▪ SOS – If a passenger or driver is uncomfortable in their Safr ride, or in case of an emergency users can hit the Safr SOS button. The app will notify the user’s “in case of emergency” contact list and will respond to the user via text.

Visit www.gosafr.com for more information.