WASHINGTON -- Following the brutal deadly stabbing of a woman jogger in a popular District neighborhood Tuesday, police touted its relative safety and crime statistics agree.

Thirty-five-year-old Wendy Martinez became only the third homicide in Logan Circle in the last five years, according to crime data compiled by the Metropolitan Police Department.

Martinez was fatally stabbed as she was jogging near her home in Logan Circle.

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"This is one of those types of unsettling incidents that sometimes happen in large cities, but it seems like a singular incident," said Chief Peter Newsham during a news conference on Wednesday. Police said there was only one attacker but they have no suspects.

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A search of publicly available crime data over the the last five years on a D.C. police website shows two previous homicides in Logan Circle, both in 2015. Compared to a total of 545 homicides citywide since 2014, homicides in Logan Circle account for a half a percent.

A breakdown of crime statistics in Logan Circle

Citywide, assaults with a deadly weapon over the last five years are numerous at more than 9,100. There were 67 in Logan Circle over the same time period. On average over the last five years, there were 13 assaults with a deadly weapon annually.

City wide crime statistics vs. Logan Circle crime statistics