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Southeast DC residents go weeks without mail being delivered

Some residents went to the post office to find their mail while others were left empty-handed.

WASHINGTON — Thursday marked nearly two weeks since Beverly Ruffin said mail had been delivered to her Village of Chesapeake mailbox.

She and other residents in her Southeast community said they had not had their mail delivered since early August.

“We have been calling, no response,” Ruffin said. “Nobody can tell us anything and my main concern is people have medical supplies that are delivered by the mail, they have utility bills, they have important financial documents, personal documents and that's their only way of being communicated to.”

Ruffin said she’s not the only person that had been wondering where their mail is.

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ANC Commissioner 8D01 Patricia Carmon said 300 people in her community have been without mail for two weeks.

“Everybody is in chaos, everybody is looking for packages, mail, and nothing's been done about it,” Carmon said.

In a statement from USPS, it said they are reviewing staffing and scheduling.

Thursday afternoon, several people were waiting at the post office to see if their mail was there since it hadn’t been delivered for some time. 

An older gentleman said he also hadn’t received his mail in two weeks and needed his medication that was supposed to be delivered by USPS. He said no one inside the post office could find it and they told him to check his mailbox once again.

"I'm not getting any of my mail at all, and I mean I don't need this to survive, but I know people who are codependent for medical supplies and syringes, because they are diabetic," Ruffin said. "People had those things delivered on a regular daily basis and it’s a matter of our survival.”

Ruffin also went to postal office on Thursday where she was able to get some of her mail from the last two weeks, but not all of it.

A few hours later, and after a call from WUSA9, she said the mail truck finally arrived at her apartment community.

“Rest assured, we take customer concerns seriously and remain fully committed to delivering mail in a timely, consistent manner,” a USPS statement said. “We continue to review our staffing and scheduling and make necessary adjustments to enhance our services.”

The spokesperson said they encourage customers’ feedback and welcome them to call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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