WASHINGTON -- A D.C. restaurant is tackling the topic of race with the help of a simple paper card.

Busboys and Poets locations are handing out "race cards" to customers as soon as they enter the doors.

The cards have questions, like "what is white privilege?," "what is your experience with race in America?" and "what is your earliest memory of someone from a different race?".

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Andy Shallal, CEO and co-founder of Busboys and Poets, said the cards are supposed to help prompt conversations about race amongst customers.

"I think the Starbucks issue has raised something that we've known about all along," he said. "That race matters. Race matters in every situation."

The Starbucks issue Shallal referred to was the wrongful arrest of two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks last month.

Starbucks closed thousands of its locations on Tuesday to educate its employees about the topics of race and racial bias.

"We all have biases, we all have prejudices, we bring those prejudices no matter where we go," Shallal said. "The idea of being aware of them, we can at least check them."