The Metro is one of the many things that connects all of us in the D.C. area. Each stop is unique and every person you cross paths with has a story to tell.

That's why WUSA9 is taking you on a tour of the Metro stops around town to show you what makes this city and each stop so unique. We will find the most interesting people, and great spots nearby if you have some extra time on your hands.

In this week's Metro "Stop Story," we stopped by a few places in the area of the Dupont Circle Station.

First, we met Kali, who comes in from College Park to get to work.

When asked, “If the Dupont Circle Station was a celebrity, who would it be?” Kali said Elton John. “It has a lot of character and it’s pretty lively,” he says.

Just north of the Dupont Circle stop, you’ll find Kramerbooks & Afterwords. The store opened its doors during the Bicentennial celebrations in 1976. It’s both a bookstore and café.

Steve Salis, the owner, of Kramerbooks says the motto of the store is “Get lost, be found.”

The clientele can range from college students to the political elite. In addition to hundreds of books, the store also has a café serving up a full breakfast, and later in the day, cocktails and beer.

About a half mile away and northwest of the Dupont Circle Stop is the President Woodrow Wilson House. The Woodrow Wilson House has been owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation since 1961 and operated as a museum since 1963. The home is undergoing renovations right now, but will reopen on February 12.

The home hosts all kinds of events like the upcoming Vintage Game Night on March 7th. For $15, you can play games from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s in the home of our 28th President.