WASHINGTON -- Newly released court documents show the man accused of pulling out a BB gun at the Capital Pride parade this past weekend claimed his wife was attacked by two people supposedly protesting the parade.

It happened in Dupont Circle on June 8. 

According to court documents, Aftabjit Singh, 38, told police his wife bumped into one of the two people supposedly protesting the parade and they started to attack her. 

“One of the individuals then sprayed the defendant's wife in the face with mace and the defendant’s wife jumped into the fountain in the Dupont Circle,” court documents said. “The defendant intervened, which is when he was struck and maced.”

Police reports show that when officers got to the scene they found Singh at the fountain and the gun about 50 feet away in a brown bag. 

According to court documents, Singh told police as he was being moved to a transport vehicle, "I'll be back. I'll shoot that mother f*****."

Police said both he and the woman he was with did have signs that were consistent with being maced – like red eyes and faces. 

“Why am I here,” Singh apparently asked detectives when he was being interviewed. “I didn’t do anything. All I did was protect my wife. It isn’t even a real gun.”

Singh told police that two men hit and maced his wife. He said he was struck and maced himself while trying to protect her.

"That is when I went to my bag to get the BB gun to scare them," Singh said, according to court documents.

The BB gun scared more than just the two people in question. It sparked mass chaos – with several witnesses shouting that they'd heard gunfire – and seven people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The chaos put an end to the parade. Witnesses reported mass panic as people ran from the scene.

"It was exactly what you would expect. You know, unfortunately, we're living in a world where even if the inference of something like that is happening, there's gonna be upset, and panic, and running," said Capital Pride spokeswoman Cathy Renna. 

Court documents from 2016 indicate Singh has an outstanding warrant out of Virginia Beach. He was convicted of a DWI, first offense, in 2016. According to court documents, he did not pay his fines and court costs – totaling more than $500 – and did not do the court-ordered alcohol abuse program.