Crime-fighting robots are now being marketed to the federal government if they don’t drown themselves first.

Knightscope, makers of the now infamous fountain-slipping security bot “Steve,” is pushing its K5 and two other models to the federal government.

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“This is our first foray into the federal space,” said Stacy Stephens, the head of Knightscope’s sales and marketing. “I think in the coming year you’re going to see a lot of these popping up in a bunch of different places.”

Government property—which covers nearly a third of the district—could be a perfect extension of Knightscope’s now routine patrols of malls and offices. Reporters were invited to check out the indoor, outdoor, and stationary models during a two-day open house.

“All of these sensors are out looking for something that's just not right,” said Stephens. The robot “then alerts a human being by saying ‘hey, you might want to look at this.”

Some reports say the robots can cost as much as a luxury car. The most advanced models can detect radiation and even concealed weapons.