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DC elementary school wins $10,000 grant from Washington Redskins

We're so excited for you, Aiton Elementary School. Congratulations!

WASHINGTON -- This is amazing!

Teachers, students and staff from Aiton Elementary School and the northeast D.C. community's lives are about to change in an incredible way. They were surprised with a $10,000 grant from the Washington Redskins during Sunday evening's game here in D.C. against the Dallas Cowboys.

During half time, about 40 teachers and staff members from different schools were displayed on the jumbo tron in front thousands of fans as the The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation announced that their schools won the grant. They know this will make a huge difference not only for the schools, but also their communities.

Aiton Elementary School plans to use the funds to create a laundry center called Loads of Love (LOL) that will allow parents to come and wash the students' uniforms and allow community members to come in and wash and dry their clothes.

In the summer, third grade teacher, Alejandro Diasgranados, saw the grant with the Washington Redskins and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to make his school a better place for everyone. Aiton Elementary School has a partnership with the football team. They have helped provide the students with wonderful opportunities to learn and grow, so Diasgranados knew had to apply for this grant.

He knows that not every child has access to multiple uniforms or washers and dryers, and wants to change that.

Diasgranados said the students walk to school, play recess and have accidents. Without the proper necessities to clean them, the students will have to wear the same dirty uniform multiple times a week or the students won't come to school at all.

During summer school, Diasgranados wanted to know what it felt like to wear the same clothes multiple times in one week, so that's what he did.

He said it made him feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. He didn't want to speak to anyone or be around any of his peers.

"The cleanliness of clothes should never obstruct a student’s opportunity to receive an education, and with the addition of this laundry center, we have eliminated this enormous obstacle," Diasgranados said. "We expect this to transform the educational experience of families for many years to come."

We're so excited for you, Aiton Elementary School. Congratulations!

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