A few years ago, Tim Jumbelick had a crazy idea.

The Bowie man, who said he loves Halloween, wanted to build a haunted house on his front lawn. With the nod of approval from his wife, the venture began and soon became a big hit in the neighborhood. Inside you'll find a haunted "swamp," with bloodied corpses, shaking bridges, zombies, and a whole lot more to make you jump.

"I'm laughing because this is why we do it," Tim laughed. "To scare people."

But this haunted house is also doing some good for the community. For the second year in a row, this haunted house is also a food drive.

"Last year we collected 1,908 food items," he said, standing outside the haunted house.

This year, Tim hopes to collect even more. He said, he feels passionate about this cause, because he knows first hand how devastating hunger can be.

"I grew up poor," he said. "I grew up in this area. Me and my brothers went to bed hungry. I'm telling you now from experience, no kid should go to bed hungry."

When you pass the "swamp," you enter what he's calling the "haunted house," full of more frightening props, as well as a number of actors to scare you.

The next stop is what he called the "dark room," which is exactly what you might expect; a room where you need to navigate around without sight. There's also a room that uses lasers to make it appear as if you're wading through water.

"Haunted houses," he said. "There's a science to them. And everything is about violating your personal space."

The haunted house is located at 5016 Patuxent Riding Ln Bowie, Md 20715. It will be open Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday nights this week.