The family of 16-year-old Jholie Moussa is grieving.

So many of you are feeling this deeply, too.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to "Justice for Jholie."

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You have questions, so we thought it would be a good idea to break down what we know for sure, and what we're still waiting to find out.

Friday, January 12, after 4:30 pm

Jholie's twin sister Zhane says the two were in their Mount Vernon home.

Jholie was Snapchatting with a strange man.

Jholie said she'd be right back and walked out the front door.

She never comes home.

Friday, January 12, 5:24 pm

A 13-year-old boy on the basketball court at Woodlawn Park, not far from Jholie's home, tells our Peggy Fox he let a man use his cell phone. That man called Jholie.

Friday, January 12, after 8 pm

The Washington Post reports Jholie texts her sister to say she's going to a party in Norfolk, Virginia.

That night, Jholie's phone goes dead.

Saturday, January 13

Jholie's family reports her as missing.

Police investigate.

They say she left on her own, and police say nothing told them she was in danger.

She's entered as a runaway in the National Crime Information Center database.

Wednesday, January 17

Police announce the FBI has joined the investigation.

Detectives say they spoke to about 20 people, many of whom are friends who they say aren't fully cooperating. Still, police say they have no evidence Jholie is in immediate danger.

Friday, January 26, 11 am

Police find a body in the woods in the back of Woodlawn Park, almost entirely covered by leaves and brush. It turns out they believe it is Jholie's body. Detectives call it a homicide, and say they are "continuing to investigate every lead."

Monday, January 29

Police confirm what we already believed, that the body found in Woodlawn Park in Alexandria Friday is without a doubt the body of 16-year-old Jholie Moussa. That's from the autopsy.

Those are the facts we know.

What we don't know still is:

1. How Jholie died?

2. Will police offer a sketch of the man who borrowed that 13-year-old boy's cell phone?

3. Why wasn't an Amber Alert issued?

4. Was Jholie killed in that park or somewhere else?

We will continue to dig for answers. There will be a public memorial service for Jholie Moussa this Thursday night at 6pm at the New Life Open Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia.