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Tips for surviving the sneezin' season

Can the early spring months wreak havoc on your allergies?  Check out these tips from Inova's Dr. Richard Rosenthal for surviving the season of sneezing.

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The spring is a beautiful time of year, but for some, that beauty comes with a bit of agony. Is that last sentence dramatic enough? Well for some allergy sufferers in the Mid-Atlantic region, that beauty and agony can describe the sneezing, itchy eyes and stuffiness caused by spring allergies!

Allergist and Immunologist Dr. Richard Rosenthal of Inova says, "We have a long allergy season here. In fact, we have a quicker onset of the allergy season, as the cherry blossoms are blooming, we're gonna have an earlier onset of the allergy season."

Different geographic areas have different microclimates. The DC area is closer to more of the Southern rural regions than it's northeast counterparts, with more vegetation as well.

"The longer you stay in the area, the more likely you are to develop an allergy to the local flora and fauna," adds Dr. Rosenthal.

So what do you do when you develop that nagging spring allergy? Dr. Rosenthal provides some everyday tips that can help you survive the sneezin' season:

  • Check the pollen count everyday (go to pollen.com)
  • Try to do your outside activities more in the afternoon! The pollen is more active in the morning hours.
  • If you need to mow the lawn, try hiring someone else to do it!
  • When you come home, take a shower immediately and wash the pollen out of your hair.
  • Change your clothes and leave your shoes at the door after being outside.
  • Rinse your pet as they might bring more allergens indoors

Also keep in mind that genetics play a part in allergies as well, so suffering from spring allergies may affect other family members too! Be sure to check with your local allergist to see if medications can help for a smooth spring!