ELLICOTT CITY, Md. — A young Howard County girl, who is severely disabled, was the victim of a heinous sexual cyber bullying attack, according to her family. 

The girl's parents filed a police report after learning that a fellow eighth-grade student at Folly Quarter Middle School allegedly attached their daughter's face to a porn video, and then circulated it for months on Snapchat. Howard County police are investigating.

***WUSA9 won't be identifying the victim.***

The victim's mother, Assmaa El-Haggan, said her daughter has severe intellectual and physical disabilities. El-Haggan said a fellow student superimposed her daughter's face on a naked woman having sex -- a video the student allegedly got from the site Pornhub.

"I want him to know that my daughter struggles to breath, to eat, to walk every day, and she did not need this on top of it," said the victim's mother, Assmaa El-Haggan.

The family said, for months, the video has been circulating to others on Snapchat. 

It wasn't until two students spoke up and informed the school about what was going on. 

The family claims the student responsible for creating the video only got a two-day suspension, and were upset the school never called police.

Right now, bullying complaints can be sent in by mail, in person or electronically in Howard County. Here is the school system's current policy.

The family had a meeting Monday with the superintendent, hoping to create county-wide change.

"It's clear we're with the right people to effect change," El-Haggan said.

El-Haggan said they've requested a timeline from the school system on changes that hopefully will be made to ensure the safety of their daughter and other children Howard County.

The victim's parents are glad to have had this meeting with top education officials. They say it is only after they mounted a social media campaign to get the school district to take a harder look at bullying policies, is when they had productive talks.

The principal at the school plans to discuss cyber bullying with students once every one returns from spring break.