Right before the Christmas holiday, DDOT announced it plans to do away with “Right on Red.”

The plan is expected to begin February 2019. The District’s Department of Transportation says it will install No Right Turn on Red light signs at approximately 100 intersections. All signs are expected to be installed by July 2019.

D-DOT's list of intersections impacted are separated by Ward: 

“We should do more,” said Rachel Maisler, a local D.C. cycling advocate with Handlebars DC. Over the past several months, Maisler helped organize multiple vigil rides for those killed on bikes and scooters. She’s also an advocate for pedestrian safety.

“We have 35 people who have been killed by drivers in this city. We’re not a very big city. We’re only a city of 700,000,” said Maisler.

As of Wednesday, D.C. Police noted 34 traffic fatalities in the District, a 13.3% jump from this same time last year.

While she’s all for safety improvements, Mailser also told WUSA 9 she wants “No Turns on Red” at every intersection.

“I think banning no turns on red at only 100 intersections is confusing. I think it’s a step in the right direction, but I don’t think it gets to the root of the problem,” the local activist said.

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s always chaos,” Clifford Lindsay told WUSA 9 when asked about what it’s like to drive through downtown D.C. traffic.

He works in the District as a driver for uniform company. He spoke to WUSA 9 from his company vehicle on Wednesday.

“I wouldn’t want it to change,” he told WUSA 9, “take that out of it [and] there’s going to be more chaos.”

D-DOT announced these changes Friday as part of “Mayor Bowser’s Vision Zero initiative to end all traffic related fatalities and serious injuries,” the press release says.

“No Right on Red” is just change.

The other announced is called:“Left Turn Hardening.” This involves special road infrastructure that’s supposed to prevent vehicles from cutting across sidewalks and lanes to make a left-hand turn. WUSA 9 found one already installed at 13th and I Street in Northwest. 

D-DOT says the “Left Turn Calming” pilot project will be implemented at five different intersections by the New Year. There's also plans to install similar infrastructure at 85 other intersections across the city over the next two years.

Whether you are “for” or “against” the “No Turn on Red” plan, D-DOT is giving the public a chance to comment. You have until February 5, 2019 to submit those comments in writing.