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Border wall could cost Virginia up to $493M in military projects

President Donald Trump could divert military construction funds for new barriers along the southern border – a move critics say would harm Virginia defense installations

ARLINGTON, Va. — Virginia runs a continued risk of losing nearly half a billion dollars in military construction projects, after a Tuesday vote in the House of Representatives failed to block President Donald J. Trump’s national emergency declaration.

While the Commonwealth has $493 million in military projects approved by Congress, but not yet contracted by the Pentagon, White House and Congressional aides identified $130 million in future defense construction that is now at the greatest risk.

  • Norfolk / Portsmouth New Hazardous Materials Warehouse - $41 million
  • Arlington Cantonment Area Roads - $30 million
  • Portsmouth Ship’s Maintenance Facility – $26.1 million
  • Pentagon Exterior Infrastructure and Security Upgrades - $23.7 million
  • Langley / Eustis Cyber Ops Facility - $10 million               
Credit: Jordan Fischer, WUSA9
$130 million in military construction contracts in Virginia have been identified as at high risk of being reallocated for the border wall.

The president raised the possibility of redirecting $3.6 billion in military funds for new barriers along the southern border -- a move that could disproportionately divert funds from Virginia defense installations.

A senior White House official stressed the use of military funds would be a strategy of last resort, while criminal forfeiture and drug enforcement funds could be accessed first.

Under the latest plan, no funds for military housing will be affected by the national emergency, a point of strong contention shortly after the president announced the move.

Here's a full list of potentially impacted construction projects:

Unawarded Virginia Military Construction Projects ($493M)


  • Pentagon Traffic and Parking Improvements ($28.7M)
  • Pentagon Chilled Water Loop ($15.1M)
  • Pentagon Security Updates ($13.2M)
  • Pentagon North Village Fencing ($12.2M)
  • Pentagon Metro Entrance Facility ($12.1M)
  • Pentagon Access Control Point ($8.1M)
  • Pentagon IT Facilities Infrastructure ($8.1M)


  • TBS Fire Station - Quantico ($23.7M)
  • Ammunition Supply Point Upgrade Phase 2 – Quantico ($13.1M)


  • Vehicle Maintenance Shop – Ft. Belvoir ($23M)
  • Human Performance Training Center – Ft. Belvoir ($6.1M)
  • Ground Vehicle Fueling Facility – Ft. Belvoir ($4.5M)


  • Air Force Targeting Center – Joint Base Langley Eustis ($45M)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Instructional Building – Joint Base Langley Eustis ($34M)
  • Fuel Systems Maintenance Dock – Joint Base Langley Eustis ($14.2M)
  • Cyber Ops Facility – Joint Base Langley Eustis ($10M)
  • Fuel Facility Replacement – Joint Base Langley Eustis ($6.9M)
  • Ground Vehicle Fueling Facility Replacement - Joint Base Langley Eustis ($5.8M)


  • ISR Operations Facility Expansion - Dam Neck ($29.2M)
  • Reserve Training Center Complex – Dam Neck ($18.4M)
  • SOF Magazines – Dam Neck ($8.9M)


  • Ships Maintenance Facility – Portsmouth ($26.1M)
  • Hazardous Materials Warehouse – Portsmouth ($22.5M)


  • Cantonment Area – Arlington ($30M)
  • Exterior Infrastructure & Security Improvements ($23.6M)
  • Maintenance and Supply Facility – Humphreys Engineer Center ($20.2M)
  • Hazardous Materials Warehouse – Norfolk ($18.5M)
  • Training Campus - AP Hill ($11.7M)


Digital investigative reporter Jordan Fischer contributed to this story.

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