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Anti-abortion activists target minors at schools

The demonstrators are setting up just outside of schools with graphic posters and filming students.

After anti-abortion activists set up outside a D.C. high school Wednesday - with graphic posters - and began shouting at students, while filming their conversations, parents, teachers and the kids themselves are upset.

"It was chaotic, and uncalled for," said Markita Bryant, a youth advocate who was there and works with students from Dunbar High School.

As confrontations between students and the protesters grew more intense, school officials put up a tarp to escort students to and from the premises. 

Many in the Dunbar community are livid, arguing students should be learning about abortion from their parents or teachers, not from activists with an agenda. 

"It's definitely not his place. It's not your place to subject minors to what you believe," said Bryant. 

One protester said they believe they are spreading an educational message.

Jonathan Darnell of the DC anti activist advocacy group said he just wants to express his views. 

"If the school isn’t gonna teach that, if the public sphere isn't gonna teach that, or institutions, I think every citizen who knows it's wrong has a duty to do that," he said.

Byrant is all the more concerned that this is happening at Dunbar. 

"These kids deal with traumatic episodes throughout the day so their school is their safe zone, it's their safety net, it's where they go and debrief, and go and learn," she said. 

This isn't the first time these activists have done this. The group's Youtube page shows a number of similar demonstrations, most of which were held outside of schools in Virginia. 

Though the activists upset many students and teachers across the region, legally they are within their rights to protest, as long as they are not setting up on school property.

Community leaders, however, said they're doing what they can to prevent students from worrying about anything besides school.

"We're having conversations to find out what, if anything, they need," Councilman Kenyan McDuffie, from Ward 5, said.

The anti-abortion activists said they will not be deterred. Thursday, they held a similar protest at a school in Chantilly, Virginia.

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