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Sisters bond over training puppy to be a service dog

Susan Pfeffer and her sister Anna Hayes have been spending much more time together lately. The two of them are raising eight-month-old Peanut. He's a playful Labrador and Golden Retriever mix.

The sisters are volunteers with Canine Companions for Independence. Peanut came into their lives shortly after Pfeffer finished training another dog, Comfort.

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Comfort is now paired with an officer with the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

"Seeing Comfort be placed was really, really rewarding," said Pfeffer.

Comfort, named appropriately, is now helping the department with victims of crimes.

Pfeffer has had a love for dogs her whole life. She decided to start training them because she wanted to give back to the organization that helped her. Pfeffer worked at a school for children with disabilities and was given a dog, Leroy, to help with the students.

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Leroy eventually passed, and Pfeffer retired. She saw this as her chance to continue the cycle of giving.

Now she and Hayes are focusing on getting Peanut ready to help someone.

"As much as I love knowing we're puppy raisers, I just know whoever gets him is going to love him. He's going to make such a difference in their lives," said Hayes.