WASHINGTON — Quick, what does 17 x 17 equal? If you need a calculator to figure it out, don’t feel bad, so do we. 

Aiden Alexander on the other hand, a 3-year-old from Washington, D.C., does not.

The toddler has been doing math problems for his Instagram followers since he was 2 years old on his account @blasian_aidan.  

While it began with simple 17 + 1 equations in his earlier videos, Aiden quickly moved on to squaring numbers as well as multiplying them by 100.

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Most children Aiden’s age are still just figuring out how to count past 20, and still using their fingers to work out basic addition, but Aiden is doing his work on a blackboard as he is filmed by his supportive parents.

Along with showing off his math skills, Aiden also demonstrates his reading and writing abilities on Instagram, and his cursory knowledge of a few different languages including Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and French.

He also plays chess.

We cannot wait to see where Aiden ends up!