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Turkey tips in honor of National Turkey Lovers Month

June is National Turkey Lovers Month! We gathered some turkey tips that you might not have known from Meathead Goldwyn.

Professional BBQ sensation, Meathead Goldwyn, gave us some turkey tips in honor of June being National Turkey Lovers Month! In his new cookbook, Meathead gives advice on how to pick the best turkey, how to carve a turkey, and includes some delicious recipes you can try and make at home. We gathered our five favorite turkey tips that can help you celebrate National Turkey Lovers Month at home with your friends or family.

Turkey Tip #1: Let the turkey flavor shine!

Meathead says that the best way to prepare a turkey is to let the natural flavor come through. He suggests that that you shouldn't go too crazy with spices or rubs that can take away from the natural flavor because it might ruin the taste.

Turkey Tip #2: Never put the turkey in a roasting pan

This tip is super important: Meathead says to not keep the turkey in a roasting pan because they block airflow, and the underside of the bird won't be able to cook properly. Instead, Meathead suggests that you should put the turkey above the roasting pan- that way air can flow all around it so it will cook evenly on the underside.

Turkey Tip #3: What temperature do I cook my turkey at?

Meathead says the best temperature to cook a turkey at is close to 325 degrees. This will crisp the skin of the turkey and roast it at the perfect temperature.

Turkey Tip #4: Don't rest or tent with foil

What most people don't know about preparing turkey is that steam trapped under foil can actually make your turkey soft and gooey. Meathead explains, "Resting to redistribute juices is not necessary."

Turkey Tip #5: How much turkey am I supposed to make?

Meathead says that one pound of raw meat per person will be more than enough. If you need a lot of turkey, Meathead suggests that it's better to cook two small birds than one giant one.

Want more recipes for turkey and other BBQ? Check out Meathead's book called The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling.

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