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Tips for adopting a cat

Get the purrr-fect companioin.
Photo courtesy of POND5

Washington, DC (WUSA9) — If you're thinking about getting a cat, many are available for adoption at local shelters like Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. But there are factors to consider before making this commitment. Here are tips from Friendship Hospital for Animals.

  1. Evaluate your time. Although cats require far less maintenance than dogs, you still have to set aside a portion of your daily routine to devote to these pets. Make sure you'll have time to play with and give them proper attention. Also realize that you'll need to take them to the veterinary hospital at least once a year.
  2. Get your home ready. Adopting a cat is like bringing a newborn home from the hospital. You have to make sure your home is prepared for the little one. Use pheromone sprays to get the cat comfortable in its new surroundings. If you adopt an adult cat as opposed to a kitten, it can take them more time to get adjusted.
  3. Buy canned food. Cats are exclusively carnivorous, and require a diet high in protein. Kibble can be used as treats. You can place it around your home, and let your cat have fun hunting for it.
  4. Two are better than one. If there are sibling kittens available at the shelter, it's best to adopt both of them. They have a strong bond, and make great playmates.

This article is sponsored by Friendship Hospital for Animals. If you adopt a cat or dog from Lucky Dog, your pet will get a free exam from the hospital.

Additional information provided by catfriendly.com.