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Shed the calories together with these 3 partner exercises

Make your partner in life your partner at the gym!

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — While it's usually not a good idea to mix business with pleasure, working out with your significant other is an exception to the rule according to personal trainers and recently engaged couple Kevin Mullins and Whitney Kling.

Not only do they work together at Equinox Fitness Club but they also find new and unique ways to work out together. Here are the moves, described by Kevin and Whitney, that you and your partner can do together either at home or at the gym.

Movement 1: The 'Hold me up' Push-Up

Version 1

Version 2

Hands slightly wider than shoulder width a part. Think about pulling yourself to the ground with your abdomen tight and glutes engaged. Then, push the floor away from you as hard as possible and lock out at the top. Even from the knees - do the push up with max effort. 

Once at the top, either reach one hand onto your partners back and tap them before returning it to the floor, or place one hand on their back followed by the other to put yourself in a "hardstyle" plank. 

This exercise works the chest, shoulders, arms, back, and abdomen.

Movement 2: The 'Titanic (Never Let Go)' Squat

The squat should be done with strong, long arms. Pull on your partner as to create tension in your bodies. You should feel your back muscles working as well as your arms. Engage your core and squat to roughly 90 degrees, or parallel to the floor. Push your knees away from each other drive your heels into the ground as hard as you can. 

This squat will have you feeling your butt, your quads, and your hamstrings. You may also feel your arms and back working to keep your core upright and engaged. Remember, never let go. 

Movement 3: The 'Top to Bottom Love' Plyo Jumps

This exercise is done with one person in a high plank position (the top of a push up) and the other on their feet. Simply put, jump over a spot on your partners back that you feel that you can clear. For some it may be the ankles while others can clear the entire upper body. Once you land turn around and army crawl back underneath your partner and set up in your own plank. It is now their turn.

This fun exercise is a way of connecting and sweating with your partner. You'll work your legs, glutes, abs, and your cardio. Get sweaty and have fun, but be safe.

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