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September is National Preparedness Month, here are some items to have in case of an emergency

September is National Preparedness Month. Here's some ideas to help check those items off your emergency kit list.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Ready for disaster - checking off the items on the emergency preparedness form

WASHINGTON — September is National Preparedness Month.

Now is the time to develop or revisit your family’s emergency plan. 

Do you have a plan in place to communicate with your family and friends during an emergency? Do you have a safe exit from your home? Do you have an emergency kit with all the essentials?

Here is a list of some items that can help in even the most minor emergencies or if you find yourself in a bind while out and about.

Eczema Honey Wellbeing Kit

Credit: Eczema Honey

Be prepared on the go with the Eczema Honey Wellbeing Kit! This is something you can keep in your to-go bag or your car. Included in this kit is a reusable face covering, a comfy pair of cotton gloves, and a travel size hand sanitizer.

According to the company, this kit included a face mask that is “made in the USA with 100% cotton on the outside and a pleated polyester layer in the center. Whether you are working with irritating chemicals or doing household chores, Eczema Honey Premium Cotton Gloves are a super comfortable way to provide a barrier between your skin and the environment. The hand sanitizer is a simple and convenient to use antiseptic rub.”

YVY Naturals

Credit: YVY Naturals

We are all about clean and sanitized surfaces these days, so why not use a product that protects you and the environment! YVY Naturals (pronounced ee-vee) produces high-performance cleaning agents that are made with 100% Brazilian citrus and Amazonian flowers. Plus it comes in reusable capsules and reduces plastic waste. The best part is, you don’t have to scour the store shelves anymore or worry about running out of supplies thanks to their subscription service. You can have YVY Naturals delivered right to your door!  

Chinook My PAK-Adult (Personal Aid Kit)

Credit: Chinook Medical Gear

Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. is a certified Veteran Owned and Native American 8(a) Owned Small Business that provides custom medical solutions for the harshest environments. Chinook designed My PAK Adult to be lightweight and portable with enough room to hold essential medical supplies along with prescribed medications to treat pre-existing conditions. These kits allow you to upgrade your existing kit or build your own. Wear the kit on your belt or keep it in your home, vehicle or purse so that life saving supplies are always close at hand.

This kit includes a 2 L Pocket Size can of Boost Oxygen, Pulse Oximeter, penlight, gloves, aspirin and other items you may need in a medical emergency.

The Restroom Kit

Credit: The Restroom Kit

On a road trip or out and about and find you need a restroom? The Restroom Kit is a compact, all-in-one pack that provides the four most essential items needed when using an inadequate or unsanitary restroom to protect against germs and harmful bacteria. Each kit contains a patented oversize seat cover with rear pocket to support stability and alignment, 1 yard of 3 ply toilet paper, hand wipe and flushable tush wipe.

TP Kits

Credit: TP Kits

Here’s another kit you can throw in your bag or car. TP Kits are 100% biodegradable kits consisting of toilet paper and sanitizing wipes. TP Kits are useful on road trips, especially when the great outdoors turns into your bathroom while running, hiking, camping or any other recreational excursions.


Credit: Geekey

Geekey is an innovative and compact multi-tool that can help when you find yourself in a bind or need assistance with the task at hand. Inspired by the size and shape of a house key, it fits right on your keychain. Geekey has 16+ tool functions like  a ruler and protractor, several different wrench types, a wire stripper and a bottle opener.

Sneaker LAB Wipes

Credit: Sneaker LAB

Sneaker LAB wipes clean more than just shoes. They clean devices, countertops, hands, car interiors, even clothing! Sneaker LAB uses 100% biodegradable solutions and recyclable packaging which have been Green Tag certified.

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