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How Dominion Energy is helping the environment with renewable energy

Dominion Energy is building the largest offshore wind project in the country.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — We're all trying to do our part to be gentler to the environment. People are more conscious of their single-use plastic and companies are looking at larger ways to become more energy-efficient. Dominion Energy is building the largest offshore wind project in the United States. Located 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, the site will produce enough clean energy to power more than half a million homes. Here's how the massive project is coming to life. 

The first of three phases of the wind project began last summer. But Dominion Energy has reduced carbon emissions by 50% with other initiatives since 2005. When the whole project is completed in 2026, it will be the largest one in the country producing zero carbon emissions. 

Minimizing a carbon footprint is something everyone can get behind. But you may be concerned about the impact this project can have on the ocean. Constructing wind turbines in the ocean is much gentler than having them on the ground. When turbines are on land, the sight and sound can be disruptive to nearby dwellers. It also impacts bird migration. Because Dominion Energy's turbines are 27 miles offshore, they won't be visible and also won't affect birds since they stay close to shore. 

This project isn't just good for the environment, it will benefit the economy as well. More jobs will be available in Virginia for people trying to get into the renewable energy field. Dominion Energy will also be evaluating local supply chain development opportunities that reduce costs and create jobs. A cleaner environment and a booming economy is something we can all get behind.

This article is sponsored by Dominion Energy.

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