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A hassle free way for brides to change their name

With the MissNowMrs. app you can Snap, Tap and become a Mrs. ASAP.
Credit: MissNowMrs.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Any new bride can tell you that the process of changing your last name can be time consuming and frustrating. 

One name change company is looking to take all the hassle out of the process by putting all the control in the palm of your hand.

MissNowMrs. is a multi-million dollar name-change company founded and led by Danielle Tate. 

Mrs. Tate says her business idea came from a frustrating situation during what was supposed to be a happy time in her life. Getting married!

"I got married and took a day off work to change my name. Thought I would get it all done and instead it took me three trips for me to get my name changed on my driver's license. I was so frustrated, stormed home and thought 'why isn't there a service to make this easier?'. So we built it."

Now Mrs. Tate and MissNowMrs. are disrupting the market again with the MissNowMrs app.

Credit: MissNowMrs.

"Having a company that was built before Facebook and iPhones, you have to constantly be looking at the market. Brides are on their phones up to 80 percent of their time in the planning process."

 The MissNowMrs app saves users 13 hours of name change hassle. Here is how easy it is:

Snap – scan your driver’s license barcode + your spouses

Tap – tap the answers to 15 questions

Become a Mrs. ASAP – after purchase we mail all the auto-completed name change forms, pre-adressed/pre-posted envelopes to your door!

"That was the future. I saw it and I am so excited we were able to make it happen."

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