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It's Friday The 13th. In 2020. Do we really need this right now? | Reese's Final Thought

2020 has been a beast, and now we have another Friday the 13th to deal with.

WASHINGTON — Happy Friday! Or should I say good luck?  It’s the 13th. Friday, the 13th. We already have enough to be afraid of, and now we got the mother of bad luck days staring us in the face? The way things are going, do we need this right now? 

I know what some of you are thinking, “I don’t believe in superstitions”. All right, but with the year we’ve been having, you might want to reconsider that stance. It’s like a black cat walked across America’s path, or we broke the biggest of mirrors. This is our second Friday the 13th in seven months. Typically, you get between one and three a year, this being 2020, I’m surprised we didn’t get four, one every quarter.  

This year has been a BEAST. We’ve had a lot to deal with: A pandemic loosed on us; The passing of several iconic cultural figures and celebrities; Our football team is giving us business as usual. 

Our first Friday the 13th was in March, the last Friday before the lockdown started. This one? Anything is possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Voorhees showed up bringing Freddy Krueger and Candyman with him. 

Then again Jason might call in sick because he doesn't want that 2020 smoke. He's calling Freddie Krueger like, "can you cover for me?" 

We have enough to be afraid of. We still don't know if we're getting a new president or a government coup. The Proud Boys are coming to town -- the angriest people in the world with the most festive name.  

Now COVID is coming for Thanksgiving, and our leftovers.

I’m not trying to scare anybody, I’m just saying, you might want to think about carrying that lucky rabbit’s foot with you today. Maybe burn a little incense or sage before you leave the house. Toss a little salt over your shoulder, it can’t hurt. Then again, that's what we all said about 2020 on January 1, and we see how that turned out. 

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