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Are strict dress codes hurting teens' mental health?

Do dress codes help female students or hurt them?
Credit: St?gur M?r Karlsson /Heimsmyndir
Multi-ethnic students discussing in classroom

Dress codes. Some people love them, some people hate them, but truth be told there is a lot that goes into these rules which may be harmfully affecting teens.

In a study done by the the National Women’s Law Center, they found black girls are repeatedly the main target of punishment in schools that have dress codes. Alexandra Brodsky, one of the co-authors on the report, said that “dress codes make particularly young girls self-conscious of their bodies in a way that really puts a burden on them from a very young age." Many of the girls said that they were taken out of class, reprimanded in front of other students, and punished by the school administration for "rule-breaking," whereas their male counterparts did not.

The other big issue? Dress code enforces gender stereotypes that women "distract boys" with their clothing. This can lead to underperforming educationally since girls don't want to "stand out" in classrooms when they are feeling self-conscious.

So, should we do away with dress codes entirely? Or should uniforms be the norm for all schools?

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