Downed trees and power lines wreaked havoc across Northern Virginia. Damaged homes and widespread power outages kept emergency crews working non-stop.

"I woke up, I hear a big crash," said Andy Ton, who thought the crash meant a car had hit his Annandale home.

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It wasn't a car, but a huge maple tree.

"I go and look out the kitchen and there was nothing! Big tree just took off the whole kitchen and there was nothing. You see open air, open sky," said Ton.

His housemate had just come home from his overnight job and parked his car right where the tree demolished it.

"You can see branches broken off and everything was stuck right through the roof," said the housemate.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue crews responded to secure the house, turning of gas and electricity.

In McLean, Va. a huge white oak crashed on top of two cars, one of them a convertible Mercedes.

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In Great Falls, a man said a huge sycamore tree that narrowly missed his house is documented as the oldest one of the region at approximately 300 years old. It reportedly came down with a boom.

Across the region traffic lights were out and power lines were down.

Power outages closed some gas stations and grocery stores.

"I’m gonna go home where it’s warm and have a cheese sandwich, I guess," said a would-be customer at Safeway who was turned away.