We sometimes categorize certain weather events as "Red Alert" or "Yellow Alert" days to signify the potential for severe weather. Here is exactly what we mean by those terms:

Red Weather Alert:

Red Alert Weather is life threatening. For example:

  • Tornado Watches
  • Tornado Warnings
  • Blizzard Watches
  • Blizzard Warnings

At times, we will upgrade from a Yellow to Red Weather Alert if conditions worsen or the timing makes the weather more impact. If 1-inch to 3-inches of snow is going to fall during a rush hour, that would constitute a Red Alert. Not because the snow totals are dangerous, but the timing of snow could prove to be dangerous.

Yellow Weather Alert:

Yellow Weather Alerts mean that the weather will be inconvenient enough that you may have to change your planes. In other words, Yellow means nuisance weather events that still have an impact on your daily routine. Yellow Alert Days are much more common than Red Weather Alert days because we have more of them and they may require more advance planning. For example:

  • the commute will take longer
  • little league games could be delayed or rained out
  • schools may let out early
  • you will get wet walking the kids to the bus stop.
  • a threat of accumulating snow
  • a steady rain or dense fog during the AM and/or PM commute
  • Winter Storm Watch
  • Severe T-storm Watch

Green Weather Alert:

Your outdoor plans are safe. Enjoy.

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