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Rare 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' to appear Sunday night | What it is and when to watch

There won't be another total lunar eclipse until 2021.

WASHINGTON — The 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' Eclipse will be happening Sunday night. Here's what it means, and what time to view the eclipse in DC.

What does this long name mean?
Super = Super Moon; The moon is at its closest point to the earth within its orbit, causing it to appear ever so slightly larger and brighter (but not to the naked eye).

Wolf = Wolf Moon; The name denoted for the full moon in the month of January

Blood Moon Eclipse = During the total lunar eclipse, the moon will turn a dim red color

What Happens During A Total Lunar Eclipse

During a total lunar eclipse, the moon passes in Earth's umbra and penumbra shadows. At totality, it appears a dim red color. This is because of the way sunlight is scattered through earth's atmosphere. The moon doesn't actually turn red. 

Credit: NASA

What Time Will This Happen in DC?

All Times Are for Eastern Standard Time:
Sunday, January 20th to Monday, January 21st
Partial Eclipse Begins: 10:34 PM (Sunday)
Total Eclipse Begins: 11:41 PM
Greatest Eclipse: 12:12 AM (Monday)
Total Eclipse Ends: 12:43 AM
Partial Eclipse Ends: 1:51 AM

Can You Watch In DC? Cloud Forecast

If you can bear the cold, you can see it! It may be better to turn the lights off in your house and glance up at the moon from inside...

Skies: Mostly Clear
Temps: 10° to 18°
Wind Chills: -10° to 0°
Winds: NW 15 - 20, Gusts 25 - 35

The next total lunar eclipse is more than 2 years away on May 26, 2021.

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