WASHINGTON — It was the hottest weekend in 3 years across DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Saturday's High Temp hit 97° at Reagan National. It was 98° at Dulles, and 100° at BWI Airport.

Sunday was an even hotter day across the board -- with a high of 99° at Reagan National, and a pair of 100° readings for both Dulles and BWI Airports.

The last time it hit at least 99 degrees in Washington was Aug. 15, 2016 when we hit 100 degrees finishing a three day stretch of triple digit heat. The last time Dulles hit 100 degrees was July 25, 2016. The end of the week through this weekend is bringing the hottest weather of the summer with near 100 degree temperatures. 

Sunday High Temps 7_21_2019
Sunday High Temps 7_21_2019

For some context, hitting temperatures about 100 is fairly unusual in the District. 

In 1930 there was an eleven day stretch that saw an average high of 99 degrees, with six days reaching 100+. In 2012, we had another 11 day stretch with the average high of 99.5 degrees, and five days above 100.

Hottest Stretches
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Here are high heat reminders:

  • Check on the elderly
  • Remember your pets
  • Pull the shades/curtains on western exposure
  • Exercise in the morning
  • Avoid prolonged time outdoors
  • Wear lightweight, light colored clothing
  • Stay hydrated, eat small meals
  • Check on neighbors

Also, your pets can be affected by the heat as well.  Make sure that your pets have plenty of cold water and a cool place to beat the heat.

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