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4 spots where you can see fall foliage

As the seasons change and the hours of daylight shrink, leaves begin to change their colors. Here are four top locations to check out fall foliage and when to visit them.

As the seasons change and the hours of daylight shrink, leaves begin to change their colors.

What Kind of Peak Will We Have This Year?
Due to the very dry conditions we've experienced over the past, this will not be as good of a "peak" as we've seen in some past years. In fact, in many spots it may look more like a change from green to brown. But there will still be plenty of sights to see.

October 27th Status Update: It's not been a good year for the mountains, as very dull colors have been appearing, many diluted with browns. In the metro, some maples have begun to turn into brilliant red and orange hues, but we're still not at peak. If you want to look at fall foliate this weekend - go Saturday, not Sunday. A coastal storm will bring gusty winds and rain and could send more leaves to the ground by the end of the weekend. MORE HERE.

Four Top Locations To Check Out:

1) Skyline Drive - The Ultimate Foliage Trip
A 100-mile drive in the Shenandoah National Park, this journey features beautiful rolling hills and mountains full of autumn drama during peak. From Front Royal to Rockfish Gap, several sites will show many varieties of trees and colors of fall foliage.

According to the Virginia Department of Forestry - the highest elevations have reached peak, unveiling red, orange, and gold hues. The lower elevations will are beginning to show as well. The typical peak for this area tends to happen around the mid to late October. Remember: it may not be as brilliant of a site as you remember from some past years due to the dry conditions in September and October. In fact, webcams from Skyline drive show more brown hues than vivid reds and yellows.

2) Harper's Ferry and the B & O Railroad Potomac River Crossing
Always stunning scenery where the Potomac and the Shenandoah Rivers divide, this location boasts beautiful views and a charming historical town to make a family day trip complete. This intersection of three states typically peaks in late October.

3) Tidal Basin
The trees by the Tidal Basin will take longer to change that locations in the mountains, but in the best years, the beauty of the fall foliage can rival the spring cherry blossom bloom. The peak in this location is usually later in the fall, around early November.

Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin in autumn.

4) Great Falls National Park
A quick drive from D.C., the Great Falls National Park features beautiful fall foliage and the opportunity to do some hiking without traveling more than an hour away to the mountains. The peak should happen as we approach the end of October, so many colors will begin to show in this upcoming weekend and next week. The dry conditions will mute the colors this fall.

Rapids in Great Falls Maryland

Some Other Spots In And Near D.C. To Check Out:
Rock Creek Park - Washington, D.C.
The C & O Canal National Historic Park - D.C., WV, MD
Mount Vernon Estate - Mount Vernon, Virginia
Seneca Creek Park - Gaithersburg, Maryland