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What to do during a Tornado Warning

Phones throughout the region buzzed with tornado warning on Tuesday morning... did you listen?

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — It's a sound you can't forget: an alarm, blaring in the middle of the night on your cell phone, telling you there's a tornado warning and you need to seek shelter immediately.

A lot of us experienced it early Tuesday when Tropical Storm Isaias hit, but it turns out, many of us didn't actually do anything about it.

"We don't issue tornado warnings just for fun," said Jeff Orrock, the chief meteorologist with The National Weather Service. 

The warnings came throughout the night and early morning as Hampton Roads and northeast North Carolina experienced a rash of tornadoes. Many who got the warning may not actually have felt the effects, but that doesn't mean staying in bed was the right move. 

With that being said, what was the right move?

For starters, wake up and be alert. That alone will include reaction time and thought process if a tornado does come your way. 

Secondly, check your local radar, this will give you a better idea of the situation in your exact area. 

Third, head to a low, central location in your residence. The tornado will rip the roof off your home first, followed by exterior walls. 

Taking these precautions could save your life. 

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