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Tips for staying safe during high winds

High winds can wreak havoc to a home or neighborhood.

WASHINGTON — With strong winds on their way to the region, it's important to know how to prepare and stay safe.

When a region is in an advisory, the National Weather Service recommends getting you and your family prepared, whereas a warning means the forecasted weather is imminent and to seek shelter immediately. 

•  High winds regularly down trees and heavy branches in the DMV region, so avoid standing or walking under tree canopies. 

• Be ready to evacuate. Do not return home until officials say it is okay to do so.

• Use common sense and look for the latest information.

• If you use electricity for medical equipment of a mobility device, be sure to have batteries fully charged and to have extra.

• Be supplied: Have medical equipment, medical supplies or any critical medications on hand and enough for 5-7 days.

• Inform your support network and start planning ahead disability-related or medical needs.

• Figure out how and where everyone will meet up with each other if you get separated.

• Choose an out-of-town emergency contact for your family and give that person's phone number to each family member.

• Sign up for text alerts/weather warnings that may be offered by your locality.

• Secure garbage cans, lawn furniture or anything that could cause damage.


• Know the road conditions before you travel.

• Use extra caution when driving through high winds, especially vehicles that sit higher.

• Figure out the safest route from your home to a safe place that can protect you from high winds.

• Stay at home as severe weather arrives. If you do have to drive, drive slowly and keep both hands on the wheel.


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