WASHINGTON -- After a Saturday with record rains and flooding, we're looking at more showers and storms for Sunday. There could be some heavy downpours, but the widespread flooding is not expected. A Yellow Weather Alert Day for Sunday with those PM showers/storms.

Sunday will be warmer with temps in the low 80s and scattered showers & t-storms mostly in the afternoon. Mostly afternoon showers and t-storms stay in the forecast until the end of next week, so we'll continue to monitor potential additional flood threats.

OVERNIGHT: Yellow Weather Alert

Mostly Cloudy & Mild

with Showers/Rain Tapering off

LOWS: 60s

WINDS: NW/SW 10 - 15

SUNDAY: Yellow Weather Alert

Mostly cloudy & Warmer with

Scattered PM Showers & T-storms

HIGHS: Low 80s

WINDS: SE - 10

MONDAY: Yellow Weather Alert

Mostly Cloudy & Warm

With More Showers & T-Storms

HIGHS: 80 - 85

WINDS: SE 10 - 15


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