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Tornado causes damage to Maryland community

After an evening of severe weather and tornados Bowie, MD comes together to clean up the damage

BOWIE, Md. — On the evening of July 5th, 2022, the town of Bowie was plagued by severe weather and a confirmed EF-1 tornado. 

Tori Meli, a Bowie resident recalled what it was like when the storm came through. “We just saw the wind pick up and the rain pick up outside and we just kind of ran for cover.” 

Phil Varady, whose home, boat, and camper were crushed by a tree said, “you can't imagine the sound it's very difficult to describe.” 

“You can see the path [the] storm went through,” Jen House said about the damage in her parents' neighborhood.   

After the dust settled, this tight-knit community came together. Neighbors check in on each other and lend a hand to clean up debris. 

“It's just really nice to see everybody just pitching in and helping people move things and asking if anybody needs anything you know helping out it's... really heartwarming,” House continued. 

Varady spoke about his neighbors, “really good group of people here. [As] soon as this stuff happened, they came out make sure everybody was okay, asked if they could help clear the debris.” 

Many families did the exact right thing when they heard the storm barreling toward them. They moved into their tornado-safe spot. 

Sandy Varady shared where she took her family. “We went in the closet under the stairs. Bowie [doesn’t] have basements so that closet is permanently cleared out now.”  

There are numerous toppled trees, damaged roofs, and downed powerlines in Bowie.  

“Our neighbor's tree fell onto our roof and damage it pretty bad. [It’s] just on the side but thankfully we weren't on that side,” said Peter Meli. 

Even with all this damage, there have not been any reports of injury or death. 

“[We are] thankful to be alive. Truly feeling blessed. [It] could have been... worse,” said Varady. 

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