Hundreds of Houstonians are filling a Facebook group with videos of people reading books.

Kathryn Butler Mills created the group "Hurricane Harvey Book Club," a public group, Sunday afternoon.

"I woke up with this idea heavy on my heart yesterday," she said.

Mills says she had been seeing her students past and present sitting in bathrooms, under staircases, and in pantries while tornado warnings were going off.

Her mission was to bring a love for reading, kids, and community and create a space for them to keep up the momentum from back to school during severe weather.

"A reporter on our local news station said for all of us to remember that even when kids are putting on an brave face, they might still be scared on the inside," Mills said.

So far the group has over 1,600 members and is growing as more people continue to share their videos.

"When I invited approx 70 people to this group yesterday, I had no idea that in a day it would grow into this," she said.

It's not just for the kiddos, the group is helping some adults get through the rough weather as well.

Click here to watch and share some of the videos from the page.