FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — Neighbors in Reston are left to clean up after a tornado touched down during severe weather Friday night, the National Weather Service confirmed.

A tree fell through the roof of a home near the corner of Quietree and Crosswind Drives. That building is now condemned, the National Weather Service said.

Emergency responders on the scene said no one was hurt in the tornado Friday night.

House condemned after tornado in Reston
A tree fell into a house in Reston, Va. after a tornado touched down in the area. The National Weather Service said the home is now condemned.

"Somewhere around 9-o-clock we heard the rain getting heavier and the wind picking up," Frank Lane, a man who lives near where the tornado touched down said. "We started hearing some loud cracking sounds out in the woods and figured a couple trees came down."

In the neighborhood, there was one large tree down across the street, just up the road from where the other tree crashed into the house, he said.

Lane said some of the trees in the neighborhood were more than 100 feet tall.

"So when the wind gets blown in bad weather, every now and again this happens," he said. 

reston tornado
A graphic showing the circulation of the tornado in Reston on Friday.

FORECAST: Severe weather threat is over after tornado touchdown in Reston

The National Weather Service said officials will investigate the scene of the tornado Saturday to determine the intensity of the tornado.

Another Twitter user sent photos of a tree down on Center Harbor Road in Reston.

tree down center harbor reston
A tree down after severe weather in Reston, Va. on Friday night.
Greg in Reston

Scattered showers were expected to continue throughout the evening, otherwise clouds and a low around 60 for most of the area. Wind was also likely to continue - with gusts as high as 30 mph throughout Friday night.