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Floods, rip currents and excessive heat: Here's how summer weather can be extra hazardous

Flood, rip, currents and heat lead the list of deadly weather hazards.
Credit: Kali Harris
2018 Ellicott City Flood

WASHINGTON — While summer is the time to flop at the beach or take a swing at the golf courses, it's also the most likely time that deadly weather occurs around. Flood, rip currents and heat lead the list of hazardous weather events.

The National Weather Service released the annual list of weather-related hazards in the United States for last year.

 Among the top 5 weather-related killers of 2019 were:  

  1. Floods- causing 92 deaths
  2. Rip Currents - causing 72 deaths 
  3. Heat - causing 63 deaths, 
  4. Wind - causing 52 deaths 
  5. Tornadoes- causing 42 deaths. 

Cold weather caused 35 deaths according to the NWS, with winter weather causng 27 deaths in the United States. Lightning was the reason for 20 deaths in the country, according to the list. 

Overall, heat remains the number one weather-related killer in the 30-year average. 

According to the NWS, 408 people lost their lives to weather, and 1,239 people were injured due to hazardous weather in 2019. 

Credit: Miri Marshall WUSA WEATHER

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Weather Injuries and Deaths in the DMV 
Hazardous weather claimed the lives of people in the DMV as well as surrounding states.  Here is a list:
Maryland - 4 deaths
Virginia - 6 deaths and 18 people injured
Delaware - 4 people injured
West Virginia - 2 people killed, 3 people injured
Pennsylvania - 6 deaths, 67 people injured

(No reported injures or deaths in D.C.)

When Most People Got Hurt

Most people were either hurt or killed because of weather between June and July. June 19, 2019 thorugh July 19, 2019 was the deadliest time frame for weather.

The Victims
 More men and boys died from weather-related injuries.  Most deaths occurred in men between the ages of 50-59, followed by men ages 30-39.   

Most of the women who were killed by weather were those ages 50-59, followed by women 20-29. 

More than 30 children, infants to 9 years old, died because of hazardous weather in 2019. 

Here are some heat safety reminders to stay safe this summer. 

Credit: WUSA Weather

Here are some good things to note in a flash flood situation. 

Credit: tshutt

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