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Speeding and red-light cameras are doubling in Montgomery County

An additional 25 red light cameras will be put in over the next five years, and 50 speed cameras will be installed in 2021.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — The number of speeding and red light cameras are about to double in Montgomery County. Drivers can expect to start seeing that extra enforcement in 2021.

According to Tom Didone, Montgomery County Police Department's assistant chief, speeding, along with not wearing a seatbelt and driving under the influence, are the leading causes of road death.

Didone said the cheapest and most effective measure to prevent deaths is the 24/7 enforcement of speed and red-light cameras.  

“What we need to do is to get people to slow down," he said. 

In all, Didone said there will be an additional 25 red light cameras put in over the next five years, and he expects to see 50 speed cameras installed in the new year.

Montgomery County resident Victor Dvoskin said he doesn't have a problem with the extra cameras.

“I don’t mind them because I don’t get tickets," he said. 

Montgomery Resident Jonathon Fillipini, likewise said he doesn’t mind the extra enforcement.

“They’re alright, except when they’re hidden behind trees or bushes," Fillipini said. 

Didone said Montgomery County has strict rules to make the cameras fair.  He said cameras have to be clearly marked, they are only placed in residential or school zones, and drivers have a latitude of 10 miles over the speed limit before getting a ticket. 

There’s a high demand from residents for the added safety measures, according to Didone.

“Even though we have those restrictions, we’re just trying to meet that need with integrity," he said. 

Montgomery hands out 350,000 to 500,000 automated tickets each year, at $40 each, Didone said. To those who see the extra cameras as a money grab, Didone is unapologetic:

“Don’t exceed the speed limit by 10 miles and you never have to worry," he said. 

According to Didone, speeding has been an "epidemic" through the pandemic, despite the lower volume of traffic. Montgomery County has seen 30 fatal crashes this year, which is on pace to exceed last year’s fatal toll.

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