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Boeing 737 MAX 8: What to know by the numbers

Take a look at the statistics of the Boeing 737 MAX 8, currently grounded worldwide.

The Federal Aviation Administration grounded the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 following a crash in Ethiopia that killed 157 people. It's the second deadly crash in six months involving the MAX 8.

There's 54 different carriers who fly about 350 of the 737 MAX's, but only two U.S. companies – American Airlines and Southwest Airlines – currently use the 737 MAX 8's.

Here's a look at the statistics of the Boeing 737 MAX 8, as listed by Boeing.

Seats (2-class): 162-178

Maximum seats: 200 (737-8-200)

Range: 3,550 nautical miles

Length: 129 feet, 8 inches

Wingspan: 117 feet, 10 inches

Height: 40 feet, 4 inches

Engine: LEAP-1B from CFM International

Credit: AP
An illustration of the Boeing 737 MAX 8

The Boeing 737 MAX 9, which has also been grounded, is a slightly larger plane. It measures 138 feet, 4 inches long, has wingspan of 117 feet, 10 inches, and can accommodate between 178-193 passengers.

Boeing rolled out its first 737 MAX 9 in 2017, two years after it debuted the MAX 8.

The aerospace giant also plans to make an even bigger plane, the 737 MAX 10, which will be introduced in 2020.

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The company says the 737 MAX has become its fastest selling plane, accumulating nearly 4,700 orders worldwide.

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