WASHINGTON — World Series travel will no doubt be costly. But, for super-fans out there, the expense will be worth it. That's why WUSA9 crunched the numbers to find out which would be more expensive: New York or Houston. 

WUSA9 looked into the cost of flights, hotels, and game tickets, to compare the two cities.


For both cities, WUSA9 used expedia.com, to look for the absolute cheapest flights, that would leave Tuesday, and return on Thursday. These days were selected so that we could be in town for both Game 1 and Game 2.

For New York, we found a round-trip ticket out of BWI on American Airlines for $225. That compared to a ticket to Houston out of BWI for just $165. This included a United flight on the way to Houston and a Spirit flight on the way back.

The results are perhaps surprising since Houston is seven times farther from D.C. than New York.


There are obviously countless options, as far as cheap housing in both cities, including AirBNB's and hostels. But WUSA9 wanted to focus on affordable hotel rooms with private bedrooms and bathrooms.

In New York, the least expensive hotel we could find was approximately $90 per night. That compared to a dirt-cheap hotel in Houston, for just $33. For a two night stay, we're looking at a significant difference of $114. Houston wins again.


No doubt, this is the expense that's going to be the most costly for any World Series travelers. These prices are just estimates from VividSeats.Com.

If the game is in New York, stadium tickets will cost you a whopping $632 each. That compares to a cost of $442 if the game is held in Houston. Both are steep, but in particular, a game in New York will cost you.

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Final Tally:

So let's compare. If we add up the plane costs, hotel, and game tickets, here are the total costs:

New York Trip: $1,037

Houston Trip: $673.

That's a substantial difference! That means that if we want to make our wallets happy, we should cross our fingers for a matchup with the Houston Astros.

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