Paul VI is currently ranked #1 in the DMV area.

To show us around their locker room, one of the nation’s top recruits, Brandon Slater.

The Panthers star player will play at top ranked Villanova next year.

Slater first shows off his necklace that features his mother and grandmother.

Salter says, “they’ve always been there for me. They made me what I am today.”

Slater wears a size 17 shoe!

Yes, size 17! Slater tells WUSA9, it’s really hard to find shoes his size.

As Slater takes us to the other side of the Paul VI locker room, you’ll find a bottle of Windex, a hard hat, and an old school lunch pail.

The Windex goes to the person who gets the most rebounds in a game.

When you get a rebound you’re cleaning the glass. That’s what the glass cleaner is for.

The Hard hat represents blue collar people.

They always play hard and work hard no matter what.

That’s what Paul VI prides themselves on.

The lunch pail is full of dents.

That represents all the wounds and battles the team went through.

Paul VI Head coach, Glenn Farello gave the entire team bracelets that say,“everything matters”.

Everything the team does on and off the court matters

Bradon Slater ends the 9-Cribs segment showing how the team prepares for a game, a defense chant!