College Park, MD — With all the Capitals hoopla, it's easy to forget what else is going on in sports.

Case in point, both Maryland women's and men's lacrosse teams are in the Final Four and they have Caps fever, too.

Terps' goalie Megan Taylor says, she "cannot stop smiling."

Terps goalie Megan Taylor wears a Capitals jersey in the weight room.
Terps goalie Megan Taylor wears a Capitals jersey in the weight room.
Maryland Athletics

The long time Caps' fan is all in on the team's Stanley Cup playoffs, "the passion there is unreal. I have never wanted a game 7 more in my life"

She added, "I told coach we have to be near a TV Wednesday, no matter what. She said we'll make it work."

She's referring to head coach Cathy Reese who's on board, as well.

"It's always great. I get excited about playoff hockey but part of it is because of my player. Megan Taylor is obsessed and loves it.... she's gotten a lot of people on the bandwagon"

Megan's teammate, Caroline Steele says "we have to keep mojo going, of course, going into game 7 tomorrow and yeah Oshie had two goals last night... huge fan of him"

Terps' goalie Dan Morris watched parts of Monday's game, "it was a great 3-0 win and all you can ask for... Ovechkin, I have a soft spot for since he wears number 8 and I'm number 8. I hope they close it out in game 7."

Head Men's Coach John Tillman says, "I have a feeling good things are going to happen in game 7 for the Caps, rock the red"

Both teams will be in the northeast preparing for their respective Final Four appearances while the Caps take it to the Lightning in game 7.