Capitals' Forward Tom Wilson pioneers the hockey version of 9-Cribs.

Inside Wilson'S locker, we found LOTS OF PADS.

Helmets, visors, shoulder pads, and more.

Wilson said, "Hockey players are covered from head to toe."

The pad that protects the vital area (private part) is the most important pad.

Wilson does paper-mache to mold his cleats to his feet.

You want it to be “one with yourself” according to Wilson.

In the middle of Wilson’s 9-cribs segment someone steals his cleats, also known as Johnny on the Spot” aka the equipment manager.

He likes everything the exact same.

"You don’t want to worry about your equipment", he explained.

Wilson goes through 20 pairs of gloves a year and probably 10-15 pairs of skates.

I don't know about you, but that's a lot of gloves and skates to go through in a year.