WASHINGTON (WUSA) — Redskins' safety D.J. Swearinger isn't holding anything back when it comes to letting the Redskins know who they should be drafting for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.

Over the weekend the sixth year NFL veteran took to Twitter to let out his feelings.

Then there were the tweets that were deleted where Swearinger said, "Soo Like I've Been Saying We Had The 32rd Ranked Run Defense Last Year! (Embarrassing) Why Would We Get A Db With That 1st Pick --?!?! He cant Put His Hand In The Dirt! It's Only Logic To Get Help Where You Hurt Right Or Wrong?!?!? #FACTS"

Another deleted tweet read, "Idc Who In The Back!! If That Front Ain In Gangsta Yo BackEnd Wont Be Able To Show It's Full Potential! But When That D'Line Humming!! jag, seahawks, rams, Texans, Chargers! I bet It Go Hand And Hand!"

So now that we know what Swearinger feels, we ask this question.

Does he have a point?

In past drafts, the Redskins haven't been that interested in stacking up on defensive linemen.

That's a huge mistake!

As Swearinger said, the Redskins had the 32nd ranked run defense last year.

There are 32 teams in the NFL, so yes that's very embarrassing D.J.

Who knows what the front office will decide in this year's draft, but they should definitely listen to the star cornerback on the team.

He knows what he's talking about.

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