Is there anything worst than seeing your favorite team's legend giving away the trophy of all trophies to one of your biggest rivals?

Redskins' fans may not think so.

Sunday night after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Redskins' legend and Hall of Famer Darrell Green delivered the Lombardi trophy to the Eagles.

If you're a Washington Redskin's fan, you probably felt a little sting in your heart or even a stab in your back.

You may have asked yourself, "how could Darrell do that to us?"

I must be honest.

It does look pretty bad.

But rest assured, it was likely that it was planned long before Green or the committee knew who was going to be in the Super Bowl.

To think anything other than that is ridiculous.

I understand that it may have been painful Redskins.

But just think, that could have been your team that your legend and Hall of Famer was handing the trophy to, if you would have made it.


Too soon?