Frances Tiafoe's remarkable bid to climb from his home tennis club in Prince George's County to reach the third round at Wimbledon was stopped by German Alexander Zverev on Thursday.

But a large crowd at the Junior Tennis Champions Center in College Park spent a rainy afternoon in front of large televisions cheering on their hometown hero.

"He's a great kid and a great young man and that's actually the most important thing," said JTCC Sr. Director Vesa Pohkka.

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At age 19, Tiafoe is considered one of the most promising young American men in professional tennis since the age of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.


Tiafoe and his twin brother Franklin have been playing at the JTCC since the age of four. Their father was the center's maintenance man. Tiafoe's parents came to the US from war-torn Sierra Leone and settled in Riverdale.

Franklin plays in college for Salisbury University.

Since turning pro at age 17, Taifoe has played on the ATP pro tour and is a contender to become tour champion in 2017