Fourth graders from Germantown Elementary school in Annapolis, toured the nearby Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Thursday.

The venue is operating as an outdoor ice rink for the NHL's Stadium Series game featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals.

Crews explained to the students they arrive about ten days to two weeks in advance so they can build the rink, set everything up, and start making the ice.

It took about a week to get it to where it is now.

Ten-year old Bailey Harris said she thought, "They were going to show us the ice and how it was made. But it was actually a tour of the Navy Stadium, and that was a lot of fun and cool."

The kids learned an NHL ice rink is 85 feet across, and that the biggest challenge to make ice is the weather.

Fourth grade teacher, Bridget Morrison said, "It's really cool for them to see real life application of what we’re learning in school like science, mathematics. I’m looking at the ice thinking about all the different things I can do with angles from some of the markings on there. So it's really cool for them to have that experience of transferring what they learn in the classroom and seeing it really come to life."

The students received a surprise at the end of their tour, tickets to Saturday's game!